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At Your Storied Past Genealogy you’ll find a professional genealogical research package to fit your goals.

Are you ready to take a journey into your family’s past?

I believe that every family’s history is remarkable. Your family history is more than dates and numbers. It’s filled with lifetimes, traditions, and stories—stories that need to be told and passed on. My passion is finding those stories through solid research and bringing them to life! 

I’d love the opportunity to help you discover and explore your ancestors’ lives and world. I can help you begin or continue your journey into your family’s past!

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Vintage passport and WWII ration book

Research & Packages

Research Packages are designed to fit your goal. Whether you’re looking for specific records or you’d like to build a full family tree, Your Storied Past Genealogy has the resources and know-how to take you on your family history journey.

Professional Genealogy Research

  • Multi-generational research and reporting
  • U.S. Census searches (1790-1940)

Research Packages

There are several Professional Genealogy Research Packages to choose from. A minimum of ten hours of research is generally needed to begin growing a family tree, but I can start with whatever amount you’re comfortable with.

(Travel time and related costs are added to the fee.)

Each package includes (unless noted): 

  • Research report
  • Copies of found documents 
  • Hi-resolution images, if custom photos are taken

Custom Package


$50 per hour

Standard Research Package

–10 hours–


In-Depth Research Package

–20 hours–


Let’s get started!

Local Research

Would you like custom photos of your ancestral hometown? Do you need a record from an archive that’s not nearby? I’m here to help! With Feet-on-the-Ground Research I do the traveling for you. 

This option is also perfect for beautiful, custom photos of a gravestone, cemetery, monument or village. 

Areas covered: Suburban Chicago, Northern and Central Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana, Southwest Lower Michigan.

Feet-on-the-Ground Research includes:

  • Simple family tree chart OR research report
  • Copies of found documents 
  • Hi-resolution images, if custom photos are taken
  • Brief, written family history

Feet-on-the-Ground Research

$50 per hour

(Travel time and related costs are added to the fee.)



Vintage recipe box and recipe

Finding names and dates are necessary to build a family tree. But have you ever wanted to know more? Storytelling and social history are about bringing depth to an ancestor’s life through the details. You may find out what your great-grandmother’s house looked like or what type of traditions were common in your ancestor’s community.

At Your Storied Past Genealogy you’ll learn more than just names and dates. You’ll get a more personal story.

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